Name Research Topic
Péter APARI, PhD
research fellow
evolutionary theory, Darwinian medicine, host-pathogen molecular interactions and adaptations
Gergely BOZA, PhD
research fellow
social dilemmas, evolution of cooperation, heterogeneity and cooperation, theoretical ecology, spatially explicit models, assembly of microbiomes, origin of life, systemic risk dynamics
Sándor CSŐSZ, DSc
scientific advisor
ants, biodiversity, taxonomy, phenotypic plasticity, social parasitism
Tamás CZÁRÁN, Doctor of Sciences
scientific advisor
theoretical ecology, modelling spatio-temporal population dynamics, the coevolution of cooperation and communication, origin of life, early evolution of language
assistant research fellow
evolutionary systems, mathematical models, learning
Virág Adrienn, FÁBIÁN
assistant research fellow
ecological network analysis, food web analysis, group dynamics
head of department
senior research fellow
eco-epidemiology, parasitology, diseases ecology, emerging infectious diseases, climate change
GARAMSZEGI, László Zsolt
scientific advisor
acoustic communication, evolution of animal behaviour, host-parasite interactions, evolution of brain size and neural capacity
József GARAY, PhD
senior research fellow
theoretical ecology, evolutionary game theory, population
team leader
IT manager
forest ecology, forest stand dynamic, ecosystem modeling, mapping of habitats, GIS, database development
Balázs KÖNNYŰ, PhD
research fellow
model, prebiotic evolution, MCRS
Renáta KOPENA, PhD
research fellow
Callosobruchus maculatus, migratory syndrome, sexual signals of lizards, tick-borne pathogens
Ádám KUN, PhD
senior research fellow
evolution of cooperation, origin of life, RNA world, ribozymes, landscape ecology, spatial ecology, clonal plants, cellular automata modeling, spatially explicit models
Katalin MÁZSA, PhD
scientific manager
science manegement and communication, monitoring of seminatural forests, Science for Carpathians (S4C)
Mokos Judit, PhD
research fellow
evolution of human behavior , collaboration, altruism, biostatistics, data analysis
Gergely NAGY
assistant research fellow
collared flycatcher, behavioural variance, bird song
senior research fellow
spatial ecological modelling, computer simulations
Lajos RÓZSA, DSc
scientific advisor
evolutionary biology, ecology, behavior, parasitism, pathogens, parasites, Darwinian medicine, biowarfare