Selected Publications


Apari P, G Földvári (2021): Harm or protection? The adaptive function of tick toxins Evolutionary Applications 14:241-247. More ››
Khataee, H Scheuring I, Czirok, A & Neufeld Z (2021): Effects of social distancing on the spreading of COVID-19 inferred from mobile phone data Scientific Reports 11, Article number 1661 (2021) More ››


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Derényi I, Demeter MC, Szőllősi GJ (2020): Cancer Risk and the Somatic Cell Lineage Tree BioRxiv 14 July, 2020 More ››
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Fernandez FJ, Gamez M, Garay J & Cabello T (2020): Do Development and Diet Determine the Degree of Cannibalism in Insects? To Eat or Not to Eat Conspecifics Insects. 2020 Apr 14;11(4):242. More ››
Garay J, Cressman R, Xu F, Broom M, Csiszár V & Móri TF: (2020): When optimal foragers meet in a game theoretical conflict: A model of kleptoparasitism J Theor Biol. 2020 Oct 7;502:110306. doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2020.110306. More ››
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Jankowiak Ł, Rozsa L, Tryjanowski P & Møller AP (2020): A negative covariation between toxoplasmosis and CoVID-19 with alternative interpretations Scientific Reports 2020; 10: 12512. More ››
Jimenez, P & Scheuring, I (2020): Density-dependent private benefit leads to bacterial mutualism bioRxiv 2020. július More ››
Juhász R & Oborny B: (2020): Percolation theory suggests some general features in range margins across environmental gradients Ecological Complexity 42, 100814 (2020) arXiv:1909.00585 [q-bio.PE] More ››
Kun, Á. (2020): Time to Acceptance of 3 Days for Papers About COVID-19 Publications 2020, 8, 30. More ››
Mokos, J and Scheuring, I (2020): Altruism, costly signaling, and withholding information in a sport charity campaign Evolution, Mind and Behaviour 17 (1), 10-18 More ››
Morel B, Kozlov AM, Stamatakis A & Szöllősi GJ (2020): GeneRax: A Tool for Species-Tree-Aware Maximum Likelihood-Based Gene Family Tree Inference under Gene Duplication, Transfer, and Loss Mol Biol Evol. 2020 Sep 1;37(9):2763-2774. More ››