szaloky.zoltan [at] ecolres.hu
+36 27 639-822
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Hydrological and fish biological investigations of shallow lakes and flowing waters, fish communities of large rivers (Danube).

Main profile in keywords: 
hydro- and fish biology, Danube, fish community
Selected publications:


Csányi B, Szekeres J, György Á I, Szalóky Z, Falka I. (2012): Methodology of macroinvertebrate survey on large rivers: A case study on the Romanian Lower Danube. Water Research and Management 2(2): pp. 25-40.
Szalóky Z, György Á I, Szekeres J, Falka I, Csányi B. (2012): Studies on the structure of benthic fish assemblages with an electrified benthic trawl in the River Danube between Calarasi and Braila, Romania. Water Research and Management 2(2): pp. 47-59.