CER Institute of Evolution (IE)


The Institute of Evolution is currently pursuing the following broad research topics:

  • Investigation of major transitions in evolution, with special regard to the origin of life, the emergence of eukaryotes and the adaptive evolution of language in early hominin populations;
  • Research on the evolutionary background of animal and human cooperation and altruism using theoretical, experimental and data analysis methods;
  • Investigation of evolutionary dynamics on neural networks, exploring possible homologies between learning and evolution;
  • Modelling evolutionary ecological processes at different spatiotemporal scales from the dynamics of microbiome communities to macrobial ecological processes;
  • Research on the ecology and evolution of parasites and pathogens in order to better understand the dynamics of new emerging diseases mediated by human and animal parasites.

accredited director


+36 30 165 4424


1121 Budapest, Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 29-33.