Fedor Anna, PhD

ETI Evolúciós Alkalmazások Osztály
fedor.anna [at] ecolres.hu
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My research area is cognitive neuroscience. My current research topic explores the hypothesis that new ideas and candidate solutions to a problem are generated by an evolutionary process in the brain. While this idea might sound revolutionary, some aspects of it are already present in other well-known models of cognition, for example Bayesian cognitive models. Bayesian models explain how the brain might select from different candidate hypotheses, but they do not explain how these hypotheses are generated. Darwinian Neurodynamics offers the missing explanation: it states that new hypotheses are generated by an evolutionary process. Recently, we implemented Darwinian Neurodynamics in artificial neural networks. The model consists of thousands of attractor networks that are inter-connected. We found that a System of attractor networks is able to find the solution to simple problems, even when the target
(the solution) changes periodically.

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cognitive neuroscience, Bayesian cognitive models, Darwinian neurodynamics